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Abu Dhabi Reads"Program

Abu Dhabi live casting of Nibras Al Iman School students in our school premises for the "Abu Dhabi Reads"Program . Students were very excited to take part in the reading contest interview .

Cultural Day

On Thursday 14th April, over 9 countries came together on Cultural Day to celebrate the multitude of cultures, food , festivities and languages that can be found all around the world.Each stall was hosted by

Grades 1:6 Section -Celebrating Top Achievers 2015-2016

The top achievers are students who have committed themselves to pursuing a sublime goal. That dedication took a tremendous amount of effort. In celebration of the dedication and hard efforts of our students, Nibras Al Iman

Welcome The Students to The Second Term

Flag Day Celebration

Eid al-Adha Celebrations

welcom to school


44 National Day celebration

It is our duty to plant the seeds of loyalty and patriotism to this country, the United Arab Emirates, which we would give our lives for… On this beautiful day our school, Nibras Al-Iman, was looking

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