Principal message


Nibras Al Iman Private School, NIPS, is an American-based curriculum school where a unique educational environment exists. It is a place where we have committed ourselves to the vision of raising achievement, raising aspirations and enriching partnerships; a commitment for the quality of work, from developing teaching and learning to the extra-curricular opportunities. It is through this that we create a focus on student success.
We welcome each student and ensure that he/she receives a high quality of education. Along with intellectual diversity, the differing life experiences and approaches our staff bring to our school help us understand and meet their needs and the needs of our work’s ultimate beneficiaries – our students.
There is no doubt that the achievement of our students is built upon the partnership between students, parents and staff. We create success through the quality of teaching and learning, the student support and commitment to extra-curricular activities.
As a school, we recognize the importance of the global dimension and the need to prepare our students with the cross-cultural competency skills to take their place in an ever-changing global economy.
The school has chosen to place itself at the forefront of educational development, the focus on developing learning environments and a commitment to provide students with unique ways to help them continue their learning.
NIPSraises awareness and cultivates understanding on sustainable practices, acknowledging the important connection between educational development and a sustainable learning environment to develop environmentally conscious global citizens. Our vision is to make every person aware and accountable for creating an equitable and sustainable future.
The school prides itself on its amazing TIMMS results where our school has achieved the Sixth Position in Sharjah and students have achieved scores higher than the world average score in 2019 in math and science.
We pride ourselves as well on the AdvancED Accreditation with an excellent rate resulting in accrediting the school for 5 years.
Although we value academic performance in core subjects, we deeply focus on Quran teaching for all students starting from KG. We foster values of courtesy, consideration and individual responsibility and offer a high level of challenge accompanied by equally high levels of support.
As we immensely believe that students should enjoy their time at school; we provide a happy and safe environment within which students can experience opportunities beyond the classroom so that they can become independent learners and responsible and confident adults.
I firmly believe that a strongly led school is strongly led by many. I know that with the excellent staff team we have here we have the ability to ensure that your child achieves the very best. Through partnership we continue to enhance and strengthen the success of Nibras Al Iman.
I am looking forward to continuing this process with you.
Sincerely on behalf of all of us at Nibras Al Iman School
The School Principal