Required documents


Admissions Procedures

To apply for a place for your child, if a place is available the school will contact you  and arrange  an appointment  for your  child to  sit  an assessment.
If your child passes the assessment you will be invited back to the school to complete the school's registration process. This will involve you completing the 'Application of Admissions' form (please note you must be the parent/guardian to complete this form) and visiting the accounts department to arrange payment of school fees.

  Required Documents

Each child entering education in Dubai must be registered . It is important the following documents are presented at the time of completing the admissions form to register  and secure a place at SRS:
• 6 recent passport size photographs
• A copy of the child's passport (with UAE entry stamp or valid Residence Visa if non¬ Emirati)
• A copy of father's/guardian's passport (with UAE entry stamp or valid Residence Visa if non-Emirati)
• A certified copy of the child's last school report (requires the school stamp)
• Birth certificate
• Copy of inoculation record
• A copy of the child's and father's/guardian 's Emirates ID card
• School transfer letter